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6 Reasons to Buy a Fetal Doppler while Pregnant


  1. Peace of Mind Listen to your baby's heart beat at any time of the day! When you wake up, after lunch, or before bed. Nothing more relieving than hearing your baby's heart beat!


  2. Less Doctor Calls and Visits Save yourself the nuisance and grief of doctor visits and calls. A fetal doppler will give you the reassurance you need that your baby is healthy.


  3. Fun to Listen Remember the first time you heard your baby's heartbeat at the doctor's office? Probably one of the coolest moments of your life. Now enjoy the pleasure of reliving this moment at any time!



  4. Share the Experience As much as you love hearing your baby's heartbeat, so would your family and friends! Share the beats with a built in speaker so everyone in the room can hear. Can't be in the same room as you? That's fine, some our dopplers have recording capabilities which makes it easy to send your baby's heart beat recording via email or social media.


  5. Affordable A decade ago only your doctor had one in his office. If you wanted to buy one, it would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Thanks to innovative technology and mass production, our dopplers start at $30.


  6. Safe to Use All of our dopplers are approved FDA and CE approved. They've passed high quality U.S. government inspection for safe home use.  Here's more information on "How it Works" and "Is it Safe".


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